Hi, my name is Jackie Dimmer, Welcome to PawsOn!

Over the last 20 years, I have become increasingly interested and involved in canine behaviour and training. Starting with voluntary work instructing at my local dog training club, I felt compelled to improve my knowledge and was motivated to undertake a two year course in Canine Behaviour and Training. Subsequently I became involved in agility and now compete regularly as well as holding  ‘Approved Instructor’ status with the Agility Club.

My interest in canine massage began when my 9-year-old German Shepherd, Wolf, was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease, similar to osteoarthritis.  He was subsequently treated with physical therapy and I was enlightened to the difference this made to his quality of life.  This inspired me to take my diplomas in Galen Canine Myotherapy and Exercise Physiology.

Dealing with muscular issues and improving the wellbeing of your dog through canine massage and training are my passion.  I believe my technical expertise and life experiences working with dogs, together with my academic achievements provide me with the skills and attributes to enable me to give your dog the best possible outcome.

Rest assured, I can care for your dog whether it be your pet, working or performance dog  – for wellbeing, pain or injury – from tall to small, puppy to senior.


Our services are designed to handle a wide variety of issues for your canine companion.


  • Gait Analysis

    Assessing your dog’s movements to identify underlying issues that may lead to reduced performance.

  • Exercise Physiology for Strengthening / Conditioning

    Using natural exercise to target muscles that are appropriate to the task the dog has to do. Advice on training regimes.

  • Exercise Physiology for Rehabilitation

    A bespoke programme of strengthening and flexibility exercises to help restore your dog’s muscular balance.

  • Pre & Post Event Massage

    improve performance, reduce the risk of injury and aid recovery by warming up/cooling down correctly.

  • Sports Massage For Working Dogs

    Regular muscular assessments and treatments help to keep your dog in top condition by uncovering underlying issues before they impact on your dog’s performance.


  • Arthritis Management

    As dogs age their bodies can become victims to arthritis, and this brings associated muscular discomfort and pain. Regular Massage can help to relieve their symptoms and enable them to continue to live an active and happy life.

  • Stress Management

    Dog’s that have experienced bad situations can have stress related issues such as aggression or fear. Gentle massage techniques can be used to reduce anxiety, lower heart rate and promote relaxation.

  • Behaviour Consultations

    I am a qualified behaviourist and offer 1-2-1 consultations to tackle your behaviour and training issues.

  • Palliative Care

    Superficial massage techniques warm tissues but also work on a neurological level, promoting endorphin release which is the body’s natural painkiller.


  • Pain Relief

    Helping your canine companion deal with pain relief via specialist massage techniques.

  • Soft Tissue Injury

    Treating injuries to reduce the impact of scar tissue formation and improve recovery.

  • Compensatory Issues

    These are secondary muscular issues that occur when one muscle has to overwork because another is weak. Muscular compensation is often chronic and common in the senior or arthritic dog.

  • Pre & Post Surgery Massage

    Improving muscle tone prior to surgery and reducing scar tissue formation post-surgery to aid recovery and restore functionality in the affected area.

  • Posture Correction

    Pain, muscular spasm and tension affects posture. Soft-tissue release works to reduce restrictions within the muscular system, thus restoring balance and improving stance.

Get In Touch For More Information

Talks & Workshops

I am available to host talks and workshops across the midlands and surrounding areas.
My aim is to deliver useful and easy to understand information to help pet owners
and professional organisations better understand how to care for their animals.

CPD for Veterinary Nurses

Allow me to visit your surgery and present the nurses with information on how myotherapy can enhance the care of the canine patient.  Talk can be adapted to cover learning outcomes as requested.

An Introduction To Canine Massage – Caring for your dog as an owner

Discover more about your dog’s body, how massage can help with a range of issues and learn some hands-on techniques that you can use to improve the wellbeing of your dog.

Muscular Health Checks

Invite me to your training group and I can offer a hands-on assessment of the dogs (approx. 15 mins/dog), discuss the findings with the owner and advise on appropriate treatment if necessary.

Preparation for the Canine Athlete

Learn more about the body of your Canine Athlete, the stresses that they undergo while competing, potential injuries and how identify issues, reducing the risk of injury.  Warm Up / Warm Down routines.  Maximum of 6 dog/handler places.

For Pet Owners

As a pet owner we understand the role that your dog plays in your life. As owners it’s essential to have access to the right information on how to handle your dog and how they can be trained for different roles.

Puppies and Young Adults

Getting you off on the right foot.  Having a new family member in your home can be a daunting prospect.  I can offer advice on early training, e.g. food manners, walking on lead, toilet training as well as tackling common problems and behavioural issues associated with a young dog.  I use modern positive training methods e.g. clicker training to reward your dog and build confidence.  Book me for a 1-2-1 behaviour consultation.

Adult & Senior Dogs

Does your dog lag behind on a walk? Constantly lick their paws? Look stiff after exercise? Seen a change in behaviour? Appear restless?  These are common issues associated with muscular discomfort.  As your dog ages they can suffer from physiological changes which can impact on their mobility and lust for life but this is often a result of muscular soreness and soft tissue issues.  Myotherapy is a targeted muscular therapy that uses massage techniques to release tension, and promote healthy tissues, thus helping to restore your dog’s mobility and vitality.  Contact me to discuss a massage for you dog.

Working Dogs

To keep up with everyday duties your working dog needs to be in peak condition, given the correct preparation and recovery, and remain free from injury.  If you have seen a reduction in their ability or want to make sure your dog is fit for purpose then contact me to discuss how I can best help your dog achieve maximum performance.

Show Dogs

Preparing your dog correctly for showing can be the difference between success and failure in the ring.  Your dog needs to be able to show correct movement, good balance and an active gait.  I can help get your dog in peak condition using strengthening and flexibility exercises, help with your dogs’ movement and ensure he/she is not suffering from any muscular tension.  It is also vitally important to correctly warm up your dog before their big performance.  I can show you how.  Contact me to discuss your requirements.

For Professionals

We work with a large variety of animal care organisations from vets to pet shops to mobile grooming professionals to provide key information and techniques for the welfare of our canine clients.

Veterinary Practices

  • CPD for Veterinary Nurses

    This is intended to be an interactive learning experience and can be adapted to cover topics as required i.e. major muscle groups, benefits to the post-operative patient; effects on body systems; demonstration of simple techniques; contraindications to massage.

  • Vet Referrals

    Massage Therapy is an effective complementary treatment that works alongside conventional treatments to improve recovery from injury, pain management, compensatory issues associated with arthritis and post-surgery rehabilitation.


You see your patients regularly and as such are often the first to uncover potential muscular issues.  Hair disturbance, sensitivity, muscular twitching, a change in behaviour and even aggression can be key indicators of pain and discomfort.  Speak with your client and explain that their dog may have a muscular issue and they should seek advice.  

Dog Walkers

Observing a dog’s movement becomes second nature when you walk dogs regularly.  Have your client’s dogs’ slowed down, become less enthusiastic, displayed signs of lameness, have a bobbing head carriage.  If the answer is yes, they may have an underlying muscular issue.  Contact me to discuss how I can help.

Para Professionals

I believe that a multi-modal approach is often the most effective way to rehabilitate a dog.  Whether you are a hydrotherapist, behaviourist, physiotherapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, or other animal professional, I am of the understanding that we should work together in the interests of the client.  If you feel I can help or would like a better understanding of the benefits of massage for your client, please contact me.  It’s always great for CPD!!


Canine Massage Workshop

This fantastic workshop will cover everything you need to know to feel confident to complete a full body massage on your pooch to promote relaxation and well-being. To learn more and book please click the button below.

  • FEBRUARY 16TH, 2pm-5pm
  • Battlers Green Farm, Common Lane, Radlett, WD7 8PH
  • £45 per person

The PawsOn.Blog

I aim to regularly update my blog with all things PawsOn. Find out about what i’ve got up to, some of the clients i’ve met and their dogs and how we were able to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to some queries I get often get asked.
If you have any further queries or would like to ask me a question about my services and your animal then please feel free to get in touch.

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Coverage Area

I am based in Wing, Buckinghamshire and cover the areas shown on the map below.  However, if you are further afield, please contact me to discuss. 


It’s important to know that your animal is in safe hands. I am fully qualified from a number of industry recognised organisations.

Member of the International Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT)
Membership no. 1421

Diploma in Canine Myotherapy (DipCM) – OCN L3 Accredited
Galen Therapy Centre 2011

Diploma in Canine Exercise Physiology (Galen Natural Progression)
Galen Therapy Centre 2014

Agility Club Approved Instructor
The Agility Club – 2009

HNC Canine Behaviour and Training – Beverley College – 2004
Animal First Aid Certificate – renewed every 3 years
  • The transformation in my dog’s posture, demeanour and general wellbeing after his treatment has been unbelievable!

    Emma & Goosey, Bedfordshire


  • Thanks for your assistance.
    Zeus certainly benefited from your treatment”

    Paul Manning MA Vst MB MRCVS, Astonlee Vets

  • I feel soooo much better, dragging my owners out for
    walks again, they’re so pleased to see me bouncing about again too.

    Maximus Tyson, Linslade


  • Jackie has always been exceptionally professional, has tremendous understanding and is always sympathetic in her approach

    Christine Stratford, Leighton Buzzard


  • Jackie’s expertise and empathy has been a major contributor to my dog’s continued good condition

    Barbra Hickman, Milton Keynes