Nala’s Story (Part 1 – Homecoming)

Allow me to introduce Nala, our latest rescue dog.
Nala came to stay with us for a 2-week trial in February 2017 when she was a tender 9 months of age. Suffice it to say, she stayed!
Supposedly a GSD crossed with a Rottie/GSD/Ridgeback we were surprised with how dainty she was, but what she lacked in stature, she certainly made up for in character.

The first week was certainly interesting and we found out lots about her….she could open doors to let herself in/out of the house, she was akin to a mountain goat when it came to furniture and kitchen counters, she was not house-trained (that one was a priority!!) and she almost ended up in the emergency vet after consuming 280 Yumove tablets after knocking the container off of the top of the cooker hood…luckily they are all natural ingredients and no harm done.

Despite her bravado around the house, it was immediately apparent that Nala was somewhat fearful of outsiders and our first trip to the vet, which was purely for a new patient check-up did not go well at all. She was clearly unsettled on entering the waiting room, barking at everyone and other dogs and that escalated further when we were called through to the consultation room. She became increasingly fearful and it was not possible for the vet to examine her at all. We have been working on this over several weeks, with regular trips to the surgery, lots of treats and plenty of patience from the staff to reduce her anxiety and slowly introduce the stethoscope etc. The proof will be next week when we are due to visit for her annual vaccinations….fingers crossed.

Over the past 4 months we have seen Nala grow in confidence in all aspects of her life. She is less reactive to people and dogs in the street and we have introduced her to many different situations. She is also fully house trained!! In May we had our first family holiday together in Wales where she experienced the beach and sea for the first time but she took to it like a duck to water and was soon splashing in the waves with our other two dogs, Roo and Tico.

In June, Nala completed an 8-week puppy course at our local dog training club and achieved her Kennel Club Puppy Foundation certificate….clever girl!! We have also started some foundation agility training, so tune in for the next instalment of Nala’s Story to find out how she got on at the vets, how her agility training is coming along and what she has been up to.